Andy Poyiadgi and Dan Berry get together to talk about how directing films and drawing comics cross over, confidence and where ideas come from.

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Patrick Crotty of Peow! Studios and Dan Berry talk about publishing and running a print shop, starting small, money and marketing.

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Ryan Cecil Smith and Dan Berry talk about finding your voice, drawing with purpose, self publishing, risograph and how nobody cares about your stupid brush line!

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Jessica Abel and Dan Berry talk amongst other things about science fiction, editing an anthology and the new generation of narrative podcasts.

Check out the Patreon campaign for the show here! Donate a dollar or two per episode to help the show grow and develop.

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Zainab Akhtar, Laura Snapes & Douglas Wolk talk journalism and its crossover between comics and music with Dan Berry. Recorded at the Thought Bubble festival 2014 with support from the Arts Council as part of Thought Bubble's TBTV youtube channel.

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Scott McCloud and Dan Berry talk about how Scott got into comics, the artistic potential of comics, getting the urge to do something and letting his story The Sculptor incubate for 30 years. The Sculptor is out on the 3rd February from First Second in the US and Self Made Hero in the UK.

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Daniel Merlin Goodbrey and Dan Berry get together to talk about interactive comics and hyperfiction, incorporating sound into interactive comics and Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Dan Berry gets the interview tables turned on him by Hannah Berry (no relation) and talks about getting into comics, his creative process and the Bristol scale.

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Josh Bayer and Dan Berry get together and talk about art school, intuition and changing the conversation you have with yourself.

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Hope Larson and Dan Berry talk about getting into and out of comics, burnout, writing stories and the parallels between directing film and making comics.

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