Ted Brandt & Ro Stein talk to Dan Berry about their creative relationship, reading contracts and taking ownership of a project. Check out their upcoming book 'Crowded' in August!

Also be sure to check out Draw the Line, a book of practical advice on political activism featuring artwork from over 100 artists from around the world. Support, get involved, send a tweet, whatever you can!

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Alex Assan and Dan Berry chat about working with a writer, running a kickstarter and webcomics economics.

Alex is half of the creative team on the webcomic Shaderunners.

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Lorenzo Etherington and Dan Berry get together to talk about how to draw absolutely everything, the intricacies of running a kickstarter campaign and the 4 Secret Ingredients of Drawing.

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Ngozi Ukazu and Dan Berry get together to talk about building an audience, building your ability and attracting the muse.

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James Albon and Dan Berry get together to talk about education, creative processes and what a style is & what a style does.

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Kieron Gillen and Dan Berry get together at House of Bread in Stafford in front of a live audience to talk about writing comics, solving Rubix Cubes and playing the Blues.

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Max Sarin and Dan Berry talk about her time as one of Dan's students, her identity as an artist, depression, stress and making it difficult for yourself. 

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Joe Decie and Dan Berry get back together to talk about Joe's new big book 'Collecting Sticks', working with an editor and the drag of pen on paper.

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Noah Van Sciver and Dan Berry talk about selling books, style, planning a project and money.

Check out Noah's Patreon page.

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Declan Shalvey was first interviewed for this podcast about 3 and a half years ago. Declan and Dan catch up and talk about money, workloads, getting credit for your hard work and betraying all your childhood dreams.

Support the show by signing up to Patreon.

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