Simon Hanselmann and Dan Berry get together to talk about food colouring, rivalries, crossdressing and the idea of your career as a tamagotchi. 

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Ryan Sands of Youth In Decline talks to Dan Berry about publishing deliberately, having a healthy dissatisfaction with your work and bouncing up and down on a trampoline. 

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Liz Prince and Dan Berry talk about ideas, publishing, autobiography and Wolfman.

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Jordan Crane and Dan Berry talk about letting a story develop organically, working through drafts and cars covered in guns and stuff.

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David Hellman and Dan Berry talk about collaboration, the creative process and running a kickstarter campaign.

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Matt Diffee of The New Yorker talks to Dan Berry about Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People like you, confidence and 'flipping the funnel'.

His book is available now!

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Jason Little and Dan Berry got together to talk about stealing like an artist, traditional and digital production and Jason's cartooning DNA.

Jason's book Borb is published by Uncivilised Books.

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Eleni Kalorkoti talks to Dan Berry about 'zine-a-month' aversion therapy, good and bad art directors and being a pornographer.

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Graham Anable and Dan Berry talk about his career in comics and animation, co-directing an oscar-nominated animated feature film and getting into that Delicious Mood

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Sophie Goldstein and Dan Berry get together to talk about baby steps & big leaps forward, ways of talking and being a Slytherin at the Hogwarts for cartoonists.

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