Dan Berry talks to Scott Campbell all about his working methods, his career thus far and the possibility of him turning to the dark side.

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Jamie Smart speaks to Dan Berry about his work, his audience and living life under the gaze of the internet. We were given some technical lemons in the recording of this podcast, but we managed to seamlessly make delicious audio lemonade.

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Rob Davis talks to Dan Berry about his career so far in comics; how he got in, how he got out and how he got in again. 

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Dan Berry speaks with Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard about his process, how he got started in the comics industry and his influences. When you talk to Charlie Adlard however, the topic inevitably turns to death, the loss of humanity and zombies. Always zombies. 

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Joe Decie talks to Dan Berry about his partially true autobiographical comics, whether or not he really has a dog, getting arrested as a teenager for painting trains and how to propose marriage in a comic. 

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Simone Lia speaks to Dan Berry during the aftershow party during Thought Bubble 2012. This was recorded in an acoustically challenged stairwell against the backdrop of riotous good times. I've had to fairly heavy-handedly edit this episode to remove all the security guards asking us to move on, bar staff walking past carrying binbags full of empty bottles and the previously mentioned riotous good times.

We spoke about humility, worms & cats, the truth and the Truth. I also mispronounced Simone's name, (Simmohn not Simown) which causes my face to burn bright with terrible shame. 

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Oliver East talks to Dan Berry about how he came to making comics, his unique approach, why people don't cosplay as his characters (yet) and the contents of his airing cupboard. This was recorded half at the Thought Bubble festivaland half over skype the following week, so I apologise for the jump in sound quality. This episode contains conversational swearing.

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Dan Berry talks to Glyn Dillon about his career, his process, the difficulties he encountered in the process of creating The Nao of Brown and boasts about his enormous thumbs. This was recorded at 1 in the morning at the Thought Bubble festival. I think we hid it well but we were both utterly shattered.

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Dan Berry talks to John Allison, creator of Scarygoround and Bad Machinery about the challenges of making money from something he gives away for free, the problems with digital comics, storytelling and the psychology of book covers, tshirts and prints. John tells stories that will turn your hair white and your pants brown.

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Recorded at the Patrick Centre in the Hippodrome in Birmingham as part of the Birmingham Zine Festival 2012. This was recorded in front of an audience, and we make reference to many wonderful images that were being projected throughout the show. You'll unfortunately have to imagine what these may look like or visit the artists at their respective sites; Lizz Lunney, Philippa Rice, Luke Pearson and Marc Ellerby. Hosted by Dan Berry.

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