MariNaomi and Dan Berry talk about applying lessons learned from autobiography to fiction, characters as catharsis and burning out.

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Rachael Smith and Dan Berry talk about drawing comics in quarantine, what agents do and how much of yourself you give away.

Rachael's book Quarantine Comix can be preordered in the UK here and in the USA here.

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Dapo Adeola and Dan Berry chat about the difference between character design and illustration, the joy of linework and being kind to yourself.

We talk about Dapo's journey into publishing, and his experience of arts education in the UK's university system. If are a student studying art or design in the UK and any of the things that Dapo talks about is affecting or has affected you or someone you know, feel free to get in touch with Dan for advice.

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Richard Short and Dan Berry take about having a streamlined process, understanding your characters and not letting them die. 

Richard has a new book, Haway Man, Klaus! coming out soon through Breakdown Press, and it can be preordered here.

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