Hass and Dan chat all about lettering styles and approaches and how comics come to life.

Check out Hass' YouTube channel Strip Panel Naked.

The artwork for this episode was lettered by Hass, drawn by Artyom Trakhanov with colours by Jason Wordie.

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Nate Powell and Dan Berry chat about being in punk bands and having a DIY ethos, the idea of selling out and when an artist should be invisible.

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Leah Moore and Dan Berry chat about getting into comics without getting a leg up, working with ideas, using people as paintbrushes and a near fatal headbanging injury.

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Rich Hardiman of Comicprintinguk.com chats with Dan Berry about all things print - planning a book, working within constraints, colour models, bleed and binding. All that good stuff.

Consider joining the Patreon for the podcast. Now, all patrons get access to a monthly video q&a with Dan where he answers questions and demonstrates stuff. He might even do one on bleed and margins!

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