Sloane Leong and Dan Berry get together to talk about finding and keeping an audience, getting brutal criticism and what you think about when you draw.

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Isabel Greenberg returns to talk with Dan Berry about the completion of her upcoming book, The One Hundred Nights Of Hero, brush presets and finding new directions to tell stories.

As mentioned at the end of the show, if you have been motivated by this podcast to make something and you want to start a Patreon campaign for it, please consider using this referral link. The idea is we both get a bonus! Let's get paid together.

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C. Spike Trotman of Iron Circus and Dan Berry get together to talk about being The Man, developing and trusting your taste and digital dollars vs meat money.

A few links you may want to check out - Creators for Creators, Iron Circus submissions and Yes Roya. Get clicking'.

You may also want to help support Make It Then Tell Everybody with your own digital dollars. Head over to Patreon and give a dollar an episode.

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