Lisa Hanawalt and Dan Berry talk process, comedy and leaning in to a career. Lisa's new book My Dirty Dumb Eyes is out from Drawn & Quarterly.

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Stephen Holland of the comic shop Page 45 in Nottingham talks to Dan Berry about the terms mainstream & small press, getting people into comics and whether people judge a book by it's cover.

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Donya Todd and Dan Berry talk comics, including artistic intuition, sexism and smoking. Donya is the author of Death and The Girls, out soon from Blank Slate Books and is the editor of the Bimba anthology

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Will Morris talks to Dan Berry about paper, looking, drawing and reveals some shocking information about a beloved tv show. Check out Will's website, the WebTrip site and his book The Silver Darlings.

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This show was recorded live at the Lineup show at the Mall Galleries, London on the 4th May.Dan Berry spoke to Richard Short, Karrie Fransman and Posy Simmonds about their work, their approach and the challenges in creating long-form work.

A word of warning though - this was recorded in an art gallery, so the acoustics were terrible. The recording is actually better than the live sound on the day though. Big echoey white walls may be great for hanging art, but they aren't so good for reproducing those soft intimate Make It Then Tell Everybody tones that you've grown accustomed to. 

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The first non-comics guest to the show, musician extraordinare Jim Guthrie and Dan Berry talk about the overlaps in the creative process, advertising and Jim's long awaited new album, Takes Time. The tracks featured in this episode are Bring On The Night and The Rest Is Yet To Come from Takes Time, and Hug Me Til I'm Blue from the extended edition of Now More Than Ever.

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