Dustin Harbin and Dan Berry talk at length about doing art better, what the proper collective noun for a group of Voltrons is, how conventions work and the Holiday Olympics. We will return to this conversation in a few months. There's a lot of stuff we didn't get to.

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Isabel Greenberg talks to Dan Berry about her very recently finished book, her working process and thoughs on festivals, shops and comics in general.

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Joe List talks to Dan Berry about what he does, his approach to comics and showing at conventions. Joe was part of the very first Make It Then Tell Everybody and is my second repeat guest.

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INJ Culbard and Dan Berry get philosophical about criticism, the idea of the ego and the artist and some solid practical advice on streamlining a creative process. Go and check out Deadbeats from Self Made Hero with Chris Lackey & Chad Fifer and the New Deadwardians with Dan Abnett.

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Dan Berry speaks to Stephen Collins about the requirements of doing a weekly strip for the Guardian, what is and is not funny, backing out of dead ends, the Beyonce Train and an enormous beard that is also evil.

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Robert Ball talks to Dan Berry about his very recent leap into the world of freelance illustration from a high profile branding design job, the difference between analogue and digital illustration and of course DANGER.

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